I grew up in Walton, a grim, socially deprived area in Liverpool. Art was my only means of escape as it was the one thing I had a real talent for, other than that I loved English Literature.

I’ve not had much luck career wise, my ultimate aim in life is to find recgonition as an artist and teach part time at a university

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  1. Hello Ruth,

    Haven’t been able to find a contact email for you, so thought we’d try here.

    Biennial would like to invite you to enter our blogging competition which we have extended until 4th October at 9am – more information can be found here – http://bit.ly/BlogComp

    Would you be able to drop me a line – alistairbeech @ hotmail . com so we can talk more?


  2. Hi Ms. Thompson’s,
    I’m searching for an e-mail adress. I would like to send you all info about La Manif d’art 6, la biennale de Québec. Please send me your e-mail if you are interested.


  3. Hi Ruth,

    Came across your blog while websurfing in relation to an upcoming exhibition at the Science Museum in London, entitled “Senseless” and concerned with anaesthesia as a medical intervention. I like your deep reflecting, honesty and openness about OCD and parental relationship issues, and obviously you have been an artist-in-residence at a medical institution already. I also like your recent projects. I am an anaaesthetist volunteer helping out with getting the exhibition firmed up, and have Asperger’s myself. The lead anaesthetist (on behalf of the Royal College of Anaesthetists) is Andrew Morley, and I have already advised him to go trawling among Art Schools, recent prizewinners and artist-in-residence for people willing to cooperate in shaping the visual design of the exhibition/make particular pieces with high visual impact. The emphasis is firmly on science & technology, of course. A precis of the brief is given on pages 46-9 of the current issue of the College Bulletin (http://www.rcoa.ac.uk/docs/Bulletin70.pdf). Why don’t you email Andrew and see where it leads?

    Kai Rabenstein

    1. Hi Kai,

      Thanks very much for having a look at my blog, it has made my day. I don’t know if you are able to see a link to my website on here but if not it is: http://ruththompson.co.uk/
      My husband did the same M A as me and his work is more directly about science and technology which you may be interested in. His website with a link to is blog is: http://www.pauljohnwhite.co.uk/

      I will definately contact Andrew Morely and will send you this message direct to your email.

      Thanks Very Much

      Best Wishes


  4. Hi Ruth
    Came across your blog whilst researching myself. Well done and looks like you enjoy the arts in Liverpool. I am based in the city as well and please feel free to drop me a line for forthcoming projects that I am about to start in the city. Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks very much for your message, its nice to know that my blog gets looked at from time to time. I’m not getting any art done at the moment as having to focus on writing and I’m not a natural writer so its not easy. I had a look at your website, it looks like you are involved in lots of interesting projects.
      I will have to keep this short as just got a temporary job which means I only have the evenings to try to do some work and I have a deadline on Tuesday.
      Thanks again
      Best Wishes

  5. Hi Ruth,
    Came across your blog by accident looking for a quote by Bourdieu, then of course I found the Charlesworth, and then of course I found the fabulous Nick Broomfield documentary. So all in all you have been a fabulous distraction from the research I should be doing! Good luck with the work you are doing, it looks very interesting. I also love the idea of this research blog, I may try to do it myself. And don’t feel you have to reply, I know about time being short!
    Good luck!
    also a researcher from Liverpool

    1. Hi Maria,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. Thanks very much for letting me know that you like my blog, it means a lot to me. I finish my MRes on 18th September so not long to go. I’m still waiting to see if LJMU have any funding for at least fees so I can do a PhD there. I would recommend having a research blog to anyone as there is so much great stuff that you can find on the internet and its great to have somewhere to store it and share it with other people. I hope your research is going well, what are you studying and what is the title of your research?


      Best Wishes

      Ruth x

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