Gillian Wearing (1994) My Favourite Track

On a row of five monitors five people sing their favourite track, badly, and all at the same time. Christ, it’s awful – like that irritating guy who always manages to sit in front of you on the bus, droning along to the mosquito-hum of his Walkman. Christ, it’s awful – Bryan Adams, Gloria Gaynor, Bob Marley and Crystal Gayle are all murdered by their anonymous amateur interpreters. My Favourite Track (all works 1994) is an incoherent babble of inarticulacy, a celebration of ineptitude. Like Dancing in Peckham, it is touching because it gives a small insight into our commonplace, endearing fantasies: that we possess within us an ability to dance and sing, despite the most telling evidence that we can do neither. (My Bob Dylan impressions are banned, and a fancy that I am a great disco dancer is belied by friends pretending not to know me on the dance floor).

Quote from: accessed 28/12.2011



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