(BART’S HOSPITAL) – British Pathe

(BART’S HOSPITAL) – British Pathe.

Unissued / unused material.

Colour item.

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (St. Bart’s), London.

Various shots of Smithfield’s meat market – these shots do not relate to rest of item.

MS Doctor standing beside hospital equipment talking to camera. MS pregnant woman lying in bed, a stethoscope is on her stomach. CU another doctor.

Various shots centrifuge in action. Various shots blood going around pipes and in a bag. Some shots nurse attaching tube to woman patient.

MS room full of babies in incubators, a doctor and man chat in middle of room. Various CUs premature babies in incubators.

Various shots student nurses in lecture. Various student nurses having lessons on ward – we see them learning how to correctly lift a patient in bed and how to give bed baths. Various shots student nurses practising bandaging each other. More shots nurses in lecture.


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